Brooks Heritage Saddle B17 Special
Fixed Gear Bicycle Seat

Brooks Heritage B17 Special Saddle - Black

Brooks' Sexy and Comfortable Heritage B17 Special Bicycle Saddle

Are you looking for the perfect saddle for your fixed gear? Have you tried every bicycle saddle imaginable?  I know the feeling and I want to help you put an end to the frustration that comes along with “every” saddle you’ve tried that made your butt sore and that stopped you from having a comfortable long ride.

It’s time for you to learn more about the Brooks Heritage B17 bicycle saddle, it not only looks beautiful with its Click to read more…

Big Shot Fixie Track Bike – Orange Fixed Gear Single Speed Bicycle

Big Shot Fixed Gear Bicycle

Big Shot Fixed Gear Bicycle

Whether you want to simply cruise around town or you’ve got training to do this fixie will do the job and look sweet doing it. Along with good looks and choice components comes a great price. And the best part is . . . it’s made out of steel.

There’s something reassuring about steel. The confidence you have when something solid’s under you is priceless, this isn’t the case with most non-steel (alloy) bikes, don’t get me wrong, alloy is great, it’s light, it’s strong . . . but this Big Shot Fixie has Click to read more…

Bar Trick That Will Get You
Free Drinks [VIDEO]

This bar trick video is going to amaze you and then when you do it to your friends it’s going to knock them off their stools.

The best part is when you bet your friends for the next round of beers and win a free drink (and remember that it’s all about Click to read more…