Are you looking for a great set of 700c wheels for your fixed gear bicycle?  Look no further, these Origin8 Track Attak fixed gear wheels not only ride great, they also look sharp (picture these black rims and gold hubs on your fixie), “form meets function” with this fixed gear wheelset.  It’s got a flip-flop rear hub (fixed/single speed) that’s perfect if you don’t want to commit to riding fixed all the time (sad, but sometimes useful).

The rims have triple walls, this means these wheels are tough (we’re talking Superman strong here) and can handle the hardest of street riding without having to be replaced because of run-ins with potholes, rough roads, etc…  To top it all off they are built with durable and easy-to-maintain cartridge bearings, a definite improvement over loose bearings, especially if you like to work on your own bike (cartridge bearings save you from being bent over and staring at the floor looking to find the tiny bearings that rolled away).  Check out these Origin8 fixed gear wheels and if you like them you can have them quickly shipped to your door and easily mount them to your fixed gear (o you can have your bike shop do the dirty, but fun work).


Origin8 Track Attak Fixed Gear Wheels Black Rims/Gold Hubs