Are you looking for the perfect saddle for your fixed gear? Have you tried every bicycle saddle imaginable?  I know the feeling and I want to help you put an end to the frustration that comes along with “every” saddle you’ve tried that made your butt sore and that stopped you from having a comfortable long ride.

It’s time for you to learn more about the Brooks Heritage B17 bicycle saddle, it not only looks beautiful with its rich leather and copper rivets, but it also feels amazing.  You’ve seen Brooks’ classic-looking saddles, and you might have thought they looked cool (and even from a different era), but the little-known piece of information about Brooks saddles is that after a few rides on your fixed gear the leather begins to fit your butt and it becomes your seat.  The best thing about a leather bike seat is that it conforms to every contour of your butt (and crotch), this is what makes Brooks’ leather bike saddles so luxuriously comfortable.  Another major plus for these quality leather saddles is that they last a very long time, actually the longer you ride on a Brooks saddle the more comfortable it gets.

One major point I have to warn you about is that after you try this seat you will never want to go back to any other seat.  It is one of the best purchases you can make for you and your fixie, all the comfort it gives you will have you loving to ride more than ever.  Just think about how nice it will be to ride without any discomfort to your royal rear-end.

“Anatomical”, “high-tech” seats are great and light, but when it comes to having a seat you are crazy about for riding around town, doing long distance rides, or racing, nothing compares to the comfort and versatility of a Brooks saddle.  They come in a variety of colors for the leather cover, the rails are steel, the saddle weighs around 500g (depending on which model and width you choose).

Check out the variety of Brooks Heritage B17 Special bicycle saddles that will improve your rides. You can order one for yourself and another one for a loved one (the latter is optional and it depends on if you want company that will be able to keep up with you on those really long rides).  You can have it shipped to you directly and install it in a few minutes (bike tools come in handy for simple tasks like this and also for more involved bike maintenance and repairs).

After you have the Brooks B17 Special bike seat installed your butt will be so comfortable that you won’t ever have to think about another bike saddle again . . . you have more important things to do with your time (like ride!).

Happy (and comfortable) Riding!

Brooks Heritage B17 Special Saddle - Black

Brooks’ Sexy and Comfortable Heritage B17 Special Bicycle Saddle