To get right to the “meat and potatoes” of this bike, it’s amazing! The Tommaso Augusta Ninja Pro track bike is one of the greatest fixed gear bicycles you can buy for the money and it rides even better than it looks. It’s made out of steel, which means it will last a lifetime.

Solid steel construction is the perfect choice for riding on city streets and it will hold up to bumps and potholes like a champ (with minimal vibration transferred to your hands) over the many years of use you’ll get out of this fixie. The bike looks beautiful and it’s extremely “stealthy” in the ALL-BLACK (non-)color. It comes with a flip flop rear hub (fixed AND freewheel), you can have both options open to you and depending on your mood, hills, and/or your riding style you can quickly loosen the rear axle, pull out the wheel and flip it to the other side to ride either fixed or freewheel. The Augusta Ninja Pro track bike is drilled for front and rear brakes (the bike does not come with brakes, you can purchase brakes separately if you plan to ride safely on the streets). The bike come with awesome components for everyday riding, and can also be taken on the track (btw, it’s track legal!).

NOTE: like most amazing bikes that are packing-in lots of high-quality components for the money, it does NOT come with pedals and they need to be purchased separately, they use standard 9/16 inch thread pedals and can be purchased along with the Tommaso Augusta Ninja Pro fixed gear bike (UPDATE: This bike is no longer available, if you would like a similar fixie that’s a step up check out this Critical Cycles Classic Fixed Gear Bike w/Bullhorn Bars.


BUY ONLINE (UPDATE: For the Critical Cycles Classic Fixed Gear Bike w/Bullhorn Bars)

Tommaso Augusta Ninja Pro Track Fixed Gear Bicycle

The Sexy Tommaso Augusta Ninja Pro Track Bike