I was enjoying the riding weather in New York City this week and hardly had time to come up with this weeks fixie recap.  I finally got myself to come back indoors (begrudgingly) and write this to give you a quick peek at what went on this week.


Origin8 Track Attak 700c Fixed Gear Wheels

We highlighted an awesome set of fixed gear wheels that deliver a great bang-for-the-buck (around $160) and also look and perform amazingly! They are made by Origin8 and are worth taking a look at if you are riding on a pair of tired wheels or looking for a sweet wheelset for your fixed gear project.

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Giro Indicator Sport Bicycle Helmet

I’ve ridden long enough to know from experience (in the form of many, many spills, some my fault and some the fault of others) that it’s worth putting ones pride aside (and all those exciting arguments that come to mind) when it comes to wearing a helmet and just sucking it up and wearing one.  This Giro Indicator helmet is a great helmet and comes in lots of colors and fits really well and is extremely light and well-vented.

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How to Track Stand and Skid on a Fixed Gear Bike [VIDEO]

I’ve also ridden long enough to know that you also have to have FUN at every possible moment and sometimes little riding tips can go a long way.  That’s why we posted a cool YouTube video that teaches you how to do a track stand on your fixie and also highlights how to easily lock your rear wheel and skid (the right way).  The biggest lesson here is that you can learn to track stand and skid on your fixed gear bike if you spend a little time and effort practicing how to do these properly with some help from the video.

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Fixed Gear Hub’s cool link of the week:

The Cyclotrope: Using a Bicycle Wheel to Create Animation [VIDEO]: This is a creative bike video with dramatic music accompaniment made by someone who had a great idea . . . Use a bicycle wheel to create some slick animation and spread the bike love! (I know it’s not a fixed gear rear wheel, but i’m sure after you watch the video you will forgive me.