Giro Indicator Sport Bicycle Helmet

Wearing a helmet is the best way to ride safer on your fixed gear and increase your odds of living to ride another day if you crash.

Giro Indicator Helmet

Giro Indicator Livestrong Yellow/Black Helmet

There are plenty of great helmets out there that will keep you safe, but this Giro Indicator bicycle helmet has all the right points that you need to keep in mind when making a helmet buying decision that you’ll Click to read more…

Origin8 Track Attak 700c Fixed Gear Wheels

Origin8 Track Attak Fixed Gear Wheels Black Rims/Gold Hubs

Are you looking for a great set of 700c wheels for your fixed gear bicycle?  Look no further, these Origin8 Track Attak fixed gear wheels not only ride great, they also look sharp (picture these black rims and gold hubs on your fixie), “form meets function” with this fixed gear wheelset.  It’s got a flip-flop rear hub (fixed/single speed) that’s perfect if you don’t want to commit to riding fixed all the time (sad, but sometimes useful).

The rims have triple walls, this means Click to read more…

11+ Holiday Gift Ideas for Fixed Gear Riders!

It’s that time of year again! We’ll be highlighting cool gift ideas for the fixed gear cyclist in your life (we’re usually pretty hard to shop for, so I’ll help you along the way).

Fixed Gear Bike (ready-made)

Note: Some riding and smiling REQUIRED!

Bianchi Pistabianchi pista fixed gear bike

If you really want to make a fixed gear rider smile get them a whole bike and try stuffing it under the tree. My favorite ready-made (and one of my personal) fixed gear bikes is the Bianchi Pista, it’s rock solid, steel, and has excellent components.  Show them you care with a front brake (it comes with one! It’s good to keep it on if they’re learning how to ride.  Also useful if you’d like them to live a bit longer) so they can enjoy the ride and not worry about how to brake while they are learning to get used to riding a fixie.

Fixed Gear Holiday Gifts For Everyone

garmin edge 800-gps enabled cycling computerGarmin Edge 800 GPS-Enabled Cycling Computer

For whoever has an adventurous person in their life who loves to ride, but gets lost, this bike computer was meant for them.  Besides all the usual data like speed, distance, etc…  It has a built in GPS with an easy-to-use touch-screen.  Show someone you love them this holiday (and help them get to their destination without getting lost).

Burley Travoy Bike Commuter Trailerburley travoy bike commuter trailer

Here’s the perfect gift for the guy/gal who loves to ride all the time, but sometimes has to go shopping or run errands that requires hauling stuff (yep, that usually means trading two wheels for 4), well guess what…..  now they don’t have to make the trade-off and can still RIDE and haul all that necessary (…sometimes) STUFF behind them with this awesome commuter trailer by Burley.

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