Kryptonite New York Legend 1590
Bicycle Chain with Lock

Kryptonite New York Legend 1590 Bicycle Chain Lock Padlock

Kryptonite New York Legend 1590 Bicycle Chain

If you’re looking for the “900 pound gorilla” of keeping your fixed gear bike away from the hands of bike thieves then you need to keep reading. Bike security for your fixie is a major issue where you need ultimate protection in the form of Click to read more…

Weekly Fixie Recap

I was enjoying the riding weather in New York City this week and hardly had time to come up with this weeks fixie recap.  I finally got myself to come back indoors (begrudgingly) and write this to give you a quick peek at what went on this week.


Origin8 Track Attak 700c Fixed Gear Wheels

We highlighted an awesome set of fixed gear wheels that deliver a great bang-for-the-buck (around $160) and also look and perform amazingly! They are made by Click to read more…

How to Track Stand and Skid on a
Fixed Gear Bike [VIDEO]

It’s time to learn to impress the opposite sex and everyone else who’s crossing the street with this video tutorial on how to track stand and skid on a fixie.

In about two and a half minutes you’ll know all the basics to perform a kick-ass track stand.

Click to read more…