Tommaso Augusta Ninja Pro Track Bicycle

Tommaso Augusta Ninja Pro Track Fixed Gear Bicycle

The Sexy Tommaso Augusta Ninja Pro Track Bike

To get right to the “meat and potatoes” of this bike, it’s amazing! The Tommaso Augusta Ninja Pro track bike is one of the greatest fixed gear bicycles you can buy for the money and it rides even better than it looks. It’s made out of steel, which means it will last a lifetime.

Solid steel construction is the perfect choice for riding on city streets and it will hold up to bumps and potholes like a champ (with minimal vibration transferred to your hands) over the many years of use you’ll get out of this fixie. The bike looks beautiful and it’s extremely Click to read more…

Big Shot Fixie Track Bike – Orange Fixed Gear Single Speed Bicycle

Big Shot Fixed Gear Bicycle

Big Shot Fixed Gear Bicycle

Whether you want to simply cruise around town or you’ve got training to do this fixie will do the job and look sweet doing it. Along with good looks and choice components comes a great price. And the best part is . . . it’s made out of steel.

There’s something reassuring about steel. The confidence you have when something solid’s under you is priceless, this isn’t the case¬†with most non-steel (alloy) bikes, don’t get me wrong, alloy is great, it’s light, it’s strong . . . but this Big Shot Fixie has Click to read more…